All good stories start with a heartbeat.

Husband. Father. Traveller.
Visual Story Teller.

I don’t think I ever chose to become a wedding videographer;
It’s destiny that pulled me in this direction.

And you know what? I would not change a thing. I consider myself the luckiest person on earth by doing something I fell in love with.

Yes, I definitely love portraying emotions with my films!

Sebastian Nandryka Super Weddings

Check how creative you can be with me!


My wedding films are about the little things. The smiles, the tears, the sparkles in the eyes and the lips that anticipate the kiss of the loved one. It’s the people who make the story, it’s you who are the most important people for me on the wedding day – you fulfill my universe.

I want to feel your emotions, breath your love until I find the proper vocabulary to tell your unique story. First strangers, we will become friends.

What will happen on that day will become eternal for you, me – us.

This is why you are so special to me too.
This is why I make wedding films.

Little truths about me

In order to become friends we need to know a bit more about ourselves.

  • Probably the biggest fan of Stanley Kubrick’s amazing films
  • Loves aglio olio e peperoncino in all amounts
  • Never missed a flight
  • Always wanted a dog,
    but somehow always got a cat

  • Would never live on Mars,
    because there is no ocean breeze
  • Tried to be a rock star for over 10 years
  • Has lived in Belgium, Germany, USA and Poland
    Speaks Polish, German and English and un Poco Espanol
  • Wants to write a script for Denis Villeneuve someday
  • Went vegan and is not turning back


I simply love to travel. Your wedding might take place on the other part of the globe, but its just one flight away. There are so many places around the world I would love to visit and experience. Here are a few of the places I will go to witness firsthand.

My Travel Dates

April Azores (Camp Archipelago Film)

April Rome (Way up North Film)

May Isle of Skye (Elopement)

June Zurich (Real Wedding)

June Berlin (Real Wedding)

July Tuscany (Real Wedding)

July Dusseldorf (Real Wedding)

August Munich (Real Wedding)

September Sicily (Real Wedding)

September Lago Maggiore (Real Wedding)

September Tuscany (Real Wedding)

November/January Canaria/Malaga