Four Wedding Days

A few months before this wedding I went to Dubai in the UAE to shoot a super chilled wedding for an Indian/British couple right in the city center, in the Business Bay area.
This time when landed at the DBX airport, the stay in Dubai had to be shorter as the wedding itself took place in Abu Dhabi, but we get to that shortly. 

It was our first Indian Wedding and honestly did not know what to exactly expect from this day, or actually, days – as the overall shooting of the wedding took us 4 days! But this was super exciting and could not wait to see all the colors, spices, music and ceremonies.
Oh yes – and I have to mention this – we went as a team of two to shoot the wedding film, so in this case, we were wedding videographers, not a photographer. But it’s only on paper – as I believe videography and photography really blend it and its just the use of another vocabulary to tell the same story. The video will come in one to two months from now (this thread will be updated).

The wedding took place in the magnificent Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi a 5-star luxury resort, located right at the beach. So guess who was getting a sunbath after lunch? Yup, that’s right! 

Anyways, The Mehndi ceremony was already so beautiful and colorful I could not stop from taking photos and video from Sonam getting her henna done

Its true art! Really it takes 4 to 5 hours to have it done on both hand and feet, and there were even hidden messages written down in the drawings. Another thing is that Sonam could not really move for 5 hours so all you girl reading this post, make sure to go pee before your Mehndi Ceremony!

After this came the Sangeet ceremony which was a huge dance off party! So, so crazy haha. Basically, all the closest friends and family had prepared their own dances that they learned with their choreographer weeks before. For those of you who love Bollywood films and music, this was a true feast for the eyes and ears. Actually, I wish that all of my weddings had dance off’s.   

Next day the wedding ceremony took place. We will share more in the wedding video when it will be done(and trust me the film will rock!) but still managed to grab a few photos of the wedding vows and getting ready. 

It was an amazing experience to explore Abu Dhabi, visit Dubai again and meet this lovely couple, and Sonam’s sister- Sarika, who put so much love and effort and make this wedding possible.
Honestly, can’t wait to get back to shoot either videography or photography or both! So if you reading this and thinking of booking us – well, let’s start writing your story! Oh and Floors it was great working with you too! Hope to reconnect soon. 

In the meantime, I leave with you with the last glance of this beautiful couple and surely check the post in the next few weeks for the film!
And last one thing you guys need to check this song haha, I just can’t get it out of my head after this wedding The Doorbeen – Lamberghini.