Destination Wedding Videographer - All that you may want to know

Are you able to come to our wedding even if it’s located in a different country?

Of course! I simply love destination weddings. As a destination wedding videographer – the travel is a big part of the story writing process. The journey itself has a great influence on my work.

Do you work alone?

In most of the cases yes. If you are reading my page in English then most probably your wedding requires for me to travel. For you having one cameramen is an advantage when it comes to transportation and hospitality costs – its simply less expensive. Also working alone gives me more creative freedom, which is vital for your story. Nevertheless if you really think that you need more people involved – let me know and I will arrange for as helping hand.

How do we meet?

Usually we meet on skype. I think it is very important for both you and me, to speak and build a personal connection. Don`t worry usually it’s lots of fun to talk to each other. I speak English, German and Polish.

How do you work on the wedding day?

Most of your guest will think that I am one of your friends that they have never met before. I will never make you feel uneasy. You will actually love the time spend together. A typical wedding day is about 10 hours me filming you, from the getting ready until the dinner and party.

What is the final product?

What you receive from me is first of all a unique and emotional story of you and your special day. That’s the most important outcome of my services. I dont think that we can define love by the number of minutes or films. My work is always very individual and people – oriented. Nevertheless usually the couples are happy having either a short film that lasts about 3-5 minutes, or a combination with a longer story that is around 15-20 minutes.

What are your prices?

First of all reasonable and tailored to your personal request. I put a lot of my own emotions and heart to all my wedding films. Money is not my first priority, but of course you have to keep in mind that this is seasonal work and I only do this in my life. My packages start at 2,950 Euro.

How do we book a date?

If I am free on that date and we already talked and you want me to be a part of your wedding day, then we sign a contract and you make a deposit of 40% of the value.

Can we have a couple session before the wedding itself?

Sure! I can come a day or two before and we can have some extra time together. And you know what? In most cases it’s price included!