14.05.19 in Warsaw -  390 Euro for 10 hours full day workshop

My workshops are all about the right mindset that will not only help you make better wedding films or photographs but most importantly help you better understand why you do it and how you can influence your own life to be happy in business and on the personal level.

Why to attend

Why me?

For me wedding videography is so much more then just a job. It’s a way of life. It has been a crazy ride in the last years. I have traveled to world, booked weddings on both sides of the globe and met so many amazing people. I was also attending or speaking at many international events and workshops such as Way up North, Camp Archipelago, Black Sand Workshop, For Love Sake, Caldera Workshop and many more to come.

Why you?

Are you just starting in the business, or have you been on the market for years and need to find new inspiration? This workshop is for you, and it doesn’t matter how much experience you have.  Boy, I wish I attended such a workshop when I was just starting out! It’s about finding your way or restructuring your mindset and simple becoming more successful. I want you to be better.

What do you learn?

We will meet in a group of fellow videographers and photographers for a full day workshop. The class will be divided into mentoring and practical lessons. You will receive a crash course in all I have learned in the past few years. It will change everything you knew about the industry. You will learn new people and become friends with them – you become part of the community and who knows maybe that’s how you book your destination wedding?


My story and my way
I tell you EVERYTHING whats behind my story
Show you examples of my work with a in depth analysis
You will learn how I find inspiration

Storytelling & Style
Creating visual excitement
Showing more then “just” a wedding day
Finding your own style

Gear & Techniques
What gear you can use and what better to leave home
How & Where to find inspiration
Editing – the keys to a succesfull story

Business & Marketing
Building your unique brand
Attracting the best clients for you
Booking more & better weddings

Coloring and using LUTs
How you can set up your coloring workflow
How can the right color improve storytelling
Using LUTs on real examples with screen sharing

Becoming a Destination Videographer
How you can travel the world with your films
Tips & Tricks on what you should consider when booking
Prices, costs and money

Working with the couple
How can you write their story?
What can you do with them on the wedding day
Tips & Tricks for creating an emotinal mood and atmosphere

Shooting and using light
How to shoot in low-light and use it your advantage
Composition and camera movement
Editing in your head while shooting

Communication with the client
How to reply to Emails
What do you say when meeting your couples
How and when to say no

Social Media
What works and what does not
Do you really need it?
How to be different

Being happy
So much more then just a job
How to have a quality life
How to stop caring about problems

Location and schedule

14.05.2019 in Warsaw

We will meet in a really cool studio with a lot of space to seat, relax and be comfortable.  We will have a lunch break – so don’t worry you will not get hungry! Lunch is price included. There will be plenty of coffee and water too. For all the smokers – there will be little breakers for stretching out your muscles and lounges.

The detailed location will be announced 4 weeks before each workshop on the facebook group and you will also be informed directly by email.


I can’t wait to meet you! Your life is about to change. All you need to do is just to fill out the form below



What is the language of the workshop?
The Polish class will be in Polish
The international class will be in English

What do I need to take with me?
An open mind and a notepad

Will I receive a diploma?
Yes of course you will

Can I have a VAT invoice?
Yes of course, just include all your details

How can I pay?
First register and I will send you all the information to your email.
You will be able to pay by bank transfer.

Can I quit after I paid?
Due to the given number of people when you reserve your spot you can not
quit and recieve money back, but you can always sell your spot to someone else
on the group.

Will we get access to the referral group on Facebook?
Yes you will gain instant access to the airy workshop group

Will we get any bonuses?
Yes, you will receive 20% discount to the flames & roses LUTs!