8 Topics Covered

My workshops are all about the right mindset that will not only help you make better wedding films or photographs but most importantly help you better understand why you do it and how you can influence your own life to be happy in business and on the personal level.

I get so many questions from fellow videographers and photographers from all around the globe about my work, and how I „do stuff”- that I decided to launch an online one-on-one course that will help YOU better understand what’s behind my work and how YOU can make it work for YOU.

In this class, I will answer all your questions and explain everything you ever wanted to know about the secrets of wedding videography and storytelling.

Price: 499 Euro – 3 hours live on skype

Online Class 1

How does it work?


best wedding video ever
  • Fill out the form below to schedule the class
  • Write me about YOU and what is most important to YOU
  • Send me links to YOUR webpage and films
  • Choose the topics that interest YOU the most

Live on Skype

Online Class 2
  • We meet for 4 hours on skype
  • I give YOU my feedback on YOUR films and YOUR brand
  • We speak about the topics YOU have chosen
  • I share my screen and show YOU my editing process
  • I answer all YOUR questions
  • Give YOU feedback on how YOU can improve


Best wedding Videographer
  • YOU receive access to the referral group for workshops only
  • YOU receive the “SuperBadge” for finishing the class
  • I send YOU links to films and other art that inspires me
  • YOU receive 3 Flames&Roses LUTs for FREE

Topics Covered

choose 3 to 4 topics that interests YOU the MOST + I will answer ALL YOUR questions

You Work & Brand
Feedback on your work
Feedback on your brand
How you can improve and become a kick ass artist

Storytelling & Style
Creating visual excitement
Showing more then “just” a wedding day
Finding your own style

Gear & Techniques
What gear you can use and what better to leave home
How & Where to find inspiration
Editing – the keys to a succesfull story

Business & Marketing
Building your unique brand
Attracting the best clients for you
Booking more & better weddings

Coloring and using LUTs
How you can set up your coloring workflow
How can the right color improve storytelling
Using LUTs on real examples with screen sharing

Becoming a Destination Videographer
How you can travel the world with your films
Tips & Tricks on what you should consider when booking
Prices, costs and money

Working with the couple
How can you write their story?
What can you do with them on the wedding day
Tips & Tricks for creating an emotional mood and atmosphere

Shooting and using light
How to shoot in low-light and use it your advantage
Composition and camera movement
Editing in your head while shooting

Are you excited to learn, develop new skills and be a kick-ass artist? You are just one step away from changing your life. I sure am excited to meet you!



What is the language of the workshop?
The Polish class will be in Polish
The international class will be in English

What do I need to take with me?
An open mind and a notepad

Will I receive a diploma?
Yes of course you will

Can I have a VAT invoice?
Yes of course, just include all your details

How can I pay?
First register and I will send you all the information to your email.
You will be able to pay by bank transfer.

Can I quit after I paid?
Due to the given number of people when you reserve your spot you can not
quit and recieve money back, but you can always sell your spot to someone else
on the group.

Will we get access to the referral group on Facebook?
Yes you will gain instant access to the airy workshop group

Will we get any bonuses?
Yes, you will receive 20% discount to the flames & roses LUTs!