We went to a banana farm in Gran Canaria…
… and it was just amazeballs!

Alba & William chose a banana plantation in the Hacienda del Buen Suceso in Gran Canaria as their elopement venue. And I can tell you that this was the best decision they could have made! Oh boy what was that for a place for an elopement. Surrounded by all those amazing Canary bananas and the beautiful landscape they red their vows under this amazing wooden triangle.
Everything you see in my film happened on that banana farm with one little exception of the pre-wedding shooting that we did on the beach in Agaete on the north coast of Gran Canaria. I remember how surprised we were by the weather as while we were shooting a very intimate and emotional moment a storm hit us right at the beach. Can you imagine heavy rain on the Canary Islands? It was really unbelievable and beautiful at the same time.

I can’s stop thinking of how lucky I am to be able to shoot films like this for a job. What could be there better in life to travel and shoot amazing couples in such great places in the world? Yes being a wedding videographer is not bad at all. Special thanks goes out to Don+Helen for having so much fun together!

You will find the film at the bottom of this page.
Make sure to check the still frames first. 


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And now take a deep breath, relax and watch this amazing story. I will it will blow you away!