A very soulful beach elopement in the Azores

Every couple is different, therefore every story I tell is so much different. Sometimes its all about the laughs, joy and being happy.

A Beach in Moisteiros

On other occasions its not about the flowers… If you are in a long relationship and get married having a backpack full of both joyful and sad times you definitely appreciate more those simple moments where you can just look each other in the eyes, let go for a minute, take a deep breath and enjoy the sunset together.

That’s how I saw Twyla & Gary. For me they were absolutely human, therefore absolutely fragile. Their elopement took place on a wild beach in Moisteiros on the Azores – Islands on the Atlantic Ocean. Surrounded by friends wearing masks it was only Twyla & Gary who did not wear one. For me it was a metaphor for them being so real, so substantial and again so human. I left a part of my heart & soul on that beach that day and I know that my life will never be the same from that day on. Thank you for this.

Please have a look at Twyla & Gary film from Azores

Sebastian Nandryka Super Weddings

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