Cat & Max luxury wedding was simply amazing
and Hotel Alfonso XIII in Seville
was just pure magic!


When I got to Seville it was extremely warm. They said it was one of the hottest weeks in many years, and I had no reason not to believe them. But honestly, I loved that heat and harsh sun it had this summer atmosphere and holiday vibe to it. Something that Cat & Max must have felt too. They came from London as she is British and Max was born in Belgium, but they chose the amazing city of Seville in Spain for their wedding and me as their wedding videographer. 

Historical Venue

The venue was so on point as the reception and party took place in the historical Hotel Alfonso XIII in the heart of the old town in Seville. When I got there it literally took my breath away. The building, the rooms, and the corridors were just exceptional. Everywhere you glanced, was one great shooting location after another and another.
Cat & Max looked absolutely gorgeous as so did their guest that came from all over the globe even as far as Australia. Even though the style of the wedding was luxury and elegant, the couple and the family and guests were so cool and relaxed that the day went by in such a great atmosphere. I also had a great pleasure to work with Muse & Mirror photography on this day.

Seville, I am definitely coming back!

Please have a look at Cat & Max film from Seville

Sebastian Nandryka Super Weddings

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I am super happy that you are considering Super Weddings to take care of videography for your wedding, elopement, engagement or just another crazy story! 
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