True Magic in Marrakech!

Are you looking for a wedding videographer and photographer in Marrakech, Morocco

Well, then you definately have to check this amazing wedding shot in La Mamounia and Agafay Desert camp where true magic happened! Are you ready? Let’s go! 

After arriving in Marrakech, Morocco i quickly realised how beautiful the city was and honestly I could not wait to get my hands on my photography camera and starting shooting. 

But before this was going to happen, firstly I went for a rehersal meeting at the absolutely beautiful venue – La Mamounia which is located in the heart of Marrakech.

The meeting as well as everything else was held by the amazing team of Boutique Souk Wedding planners.

Emily and Andrew, wow I need to admit guys… you were simply amazing! And actually I fell in love already from the start getting this email when you inquired about Super Weddings availability:


“We were delighted to stumble across your work online and have found it to both be inspiring and perfectly in line with the aesthetic that my fiancé and I like ( a bit edgy, sophisticated, charming and personal). Andy and I are both a bit nontraditional and have chosen to bring our two families together from the USA and United Kingdom to beautiful Marrakech Morocco a place that has been incredibly special to us over the years..

We are getting married at La Mamounia, having a desert dinner and an all night dance party. Our aesthetic is edgy and 1970’s inspired and a bit fantastical. We are going more for an immersive experience with art installations rather than a traditional wedding experience. We love the imagery of Stanley Kubrick meets Wes Anderson.”– Emily and Andrew


And you know what? In real life everything was even more amazing! The energy of Emily and Andrew, their awesome family and guests, the venue, the weather, the food and the ceremony it was just perfect. 


The Agafay desert Camp 

It all started one night before the wedding itself on a desert located about an hour away from La Mamounia. All the wedding guest came to greet the couple and join them for dinner and a super crazy party that happend afterwards. 

The wedding day in La Mamounia


I am sure that if you are considering getting married in Marrakech you are either looking at a beautiful Ryad close to the Medina (Jemaael-Fnaa) or… you dream of having your wedding in the historical and almost magical La Mamounia hotel. 

Recently renovated it is one of the top hotels in the World, constantly winning awards, its definately totally luxurious – so if you plan your wedding to be glamorous and luxury, then La Mamounia just migh be the place for you. 

I must say this was definately one of our biggest adventours and simply can’t wait to visit Marrakech again and offer you wedding videography and photography services to tell an amazing and unique story about you wedding or elopement

Don’t wait get in touch with us to check availability for your wedding date. 

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