Danielle and Keith getting married in Villa Aurelia, Rome

There aren’t that many places in the World that are simply a “must see” for everyone of us, but Rome in Italy is definitely one of them. I wish everybody would be as lucky as Danielle and Keith to be actually able to get married here as honestly it’s very difficult top it. Rome is everything they say about it, but also its a lot more.
Every time a couple makes the choice to book SuperWeddings as their videographer or photographer in Rome our hearts beat slightly faster having in mind all the beautiful parts of this historical city right in the heart of Italy.
So if you are reading this post and asking yourself: “Should I get these guys to shoot my destination wedding in Rome?” The answer is yes! We would love to as nothing is more exciting as experiencing this city over and over again.
Also if you are wondering if we made both wedding videography and photography at this wedding the answer again is “Yes we did!” We believe that videography and photography tell the same story using a different vocabulary and we simply love to tell stories.

Wedding in Rome – is it the perfect location to get married? 

If you plan your destination wedding to be held in Rome you are actually planning to fulfill a dream in one of the most romantic and soulful cities in the World. The eternal city has so much to offer with its colors, sounds, people, food and ancient history at every corner. Its a place where history and modern way of life seem to mix just perfectly. The cradle of Roman Civilization, the home of the Vatican and place of just so many amazing wedding venues to celebrate at.
The roman skyline is absolutely breathtaking and being able to say yes at on of the terraces is just another level – and it does not matter if you are planning a small and intimate elopement or a big luxury wedding, this city will hypnotize you.
Everytime we are in the “La Citta Eterna” we through a coin into the Trevi Fountain to make sure we will be back at yet another amazing destination wedding in Rome.

Villa Aurelia – a wedding venue that inspires

This amazing wedding venue is a property of the American Academy and ever since 1909
it has been the place for so many legendary wedding celebrations and elopements.
The interior is just perfect for any video or photo shooting with this warm and moody light that creates an intimate but yet classy atmosphere. From the terrace you get so experience the city view of Rome and at night is just the perfect place to dance out your wedding shoes.

This Rock n Roll couple getting married in Luxury Style

Danielle and Keith – I must say – they were one of the coolest couples we ever worked with.
Fully relaxed and dedicated towards each other. Their emotions very totally transparent and their willingness to just go the extra mile with us was amazing. We planned their first look to be set inside this historical attic of the villa. Keith had his eyes tied with a Christian Dior shawl and was playing his guitar, which sounds lured Danielle into the same room. When they saw each other for the first time it was like a magic bomb exploded right there – a perfect moment.

The wedding ceremony and party

Many of their guest were mor or less connected to Rock n Roll music and actually Keith gave a little concert with his mom later that night, which again was nothing but raw emotions.
And the party was of course rockin it! Friends and family were grasping the open mic, showing their musical skills and for us it was the perfect mix of fun, movement and light – anything a wedding videographer and photographer would ever ask for.

And yes we have finally arrived to where we can share the Rome Wedding Video from Villa Aurelia with you.

And you know what this not over yet!
After the this amazing wedding in Rome we decided to ask Danielle and Keith a couple of questions to better understand their experience with us being as the videographer and photographer and how did they enjoy Villa Aurelia. There you go:


What are your memories from the wedding day, can you tell us of what did you enjoy the most?

Our whole wedding day was magical — from the venue, to the food, to the music, … even the weather was incredible! Our wedding planner/wedding singer, Domenico, really helped us create the most beautiful day. Standing in a garden in the middle of Rome, while one of our best friends married us was a dream come true! The best man/maid of honor speeches out in the Italian Garden and our friend’s smiles as they experienced our special day with us will keep a smile on our faces forever. We will never forget being able to perform on stage together in front of our guests– it was surreal!


What made you choose Rome and Villa Aurelia for your wedding venue?

Rome is our favorite city and Keith proposed in front of the Victor Emmanuel II Monument (better known as “the wedding cake”) during Christmas time. It’s such a beautiful city full of history and love, we wanted our family and friends to see and feel Rome the same way we do. The Villa Aurelia was the one and only venue we chose to look at for our wedding and we are beyond happy that we did. The grounds are breathtaking and the staff are extremely accommodating. It’s pure magic when you are standing in the gardens are in the great ball room (Sala Aurelia).


What made you choose Super Weddings as the Wedding Videographer/Photographer for your wedding?

Anyone who watches their videos a and photos and sees the moments they capture with their cameras would agree that they are fantastic! They bring a different perspective to wedding photography/videography. Super Weddings were extremely accommodating when working with us to make sure we had the right moments captured.


Can you tell us a little about your wedding style and share details about accessories you had like the wedding dress and rings?

We wanted to keep it classy and elegant, with some edge. My dress and Keith’s suit were practically made to be worn in the Villa Aurelia. We couldn’t have planned it better. Keith proposed with his grandmother’s wedding diamond which he placed in a new setting. I was so honored to be able to wear his grandmother’s ring! We chose our wedding bands together two months before the wedding and kept it simple.

Music is a big part of our lives so we left small lace trimmed tambourines on our guest’s chairs during the ceremony to shake as we walked down the rose petal aisle. We chose to have our guests leave us notes on a globe as they entered the reception, so that we may always remember our Roman Wedding. Our wedding band, Tram Tracks, CRUSHED IT! We loved their big personalities, wardrobe changes, and 70’s chic!

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