Renewing vows in Umbria!

Jonna and Lance are both from the United States but they actually live in Italy, as they serve in the armed forces in one of the based located in that part of Europe. So the questions is, whether the celebration in Umbria was a destination wedding for them or “just” a wedding? Honestly? Neither of those two – as what Jonna and Lance did, was to renew their vows after years of being married. And it was absolutely amazing!

Celebration in Umbria.

They chose the beautiful Tenuta di Casa Brusciata as their wedding venue and invited around 20 guests from all over the world to share their intimate elopement.
This province of Perugia in Italy just on the verge of Tuscany and Umbria was simply breathtaking for me to film at. My drive from the airport from Rome took a little longer than I initially planned for, as I simply had to stop once in a while and enjoy the beautiful landscapes.

This creative wedding film that you are about to see, has a very special story.
As I believe you have watched my previous wedding films, you are probably aware of the fact
that what really matters to me is the story that happens between the two people – the bride and the groom, but sometimes… there is somebody else playing a big part too.
Are you willing to find out?

Stories like this make me appreciate my work as a destination wedding videographer in Italy even more.

Wedding Videographer Umbria Jonna x Lance
Wedding Videographer Umbria Jonna x Lance

Please have a look at Jonna & Lance film from Umbria

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